Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield was born at 'Grasmere' near Lexington, Kentucky, on November 5, 1851. He died in February 1921, just 12 weeks after the death of Abraham Kuyper and 22 weeks before the death of Herman Bavinck. The three were devoted friends.

Warfield was a champion of confessional Christianity and despised any compromise of Biblical truth, a mind set is sorely lacking in our present day. When he was twenty-one years old he surrendered to the ministry, entering Princeton Seminary for his training. He was taught by Charles Hodge. In 1887 he succeeded A.A.Hodge as a professor of Theology at Princeton, a post he occupied for over 33 years.

We pray that you enjoy these works by Dr. Warfield. As Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, "His mind was so clear and his literary style so chaste and lucid that it is a real joy to read his works and one derives pleasure and profit at the same time." Our prayer is that you will enjoy and grow in your relationship with Christ as you read these fantastic articles and sermons.

Authority, Intellect, Heart

Christianity and Our Times

Christianity The Truth

Darwin's Arguments Against Christianity And Religion

Entire Sanctification

Faith and Life

Heresy and Concession

Justification by Faith, Out of Date?

Mysticism and Christianity

"Redeemer" and "Redemption"

Some Thoughts on Predestination

The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures

The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity

The Christ That Paul Preached

The Divine Messiah In The Old Testament

The Dogmatic Spirit

The Historical Christ

The Person of Christ According To The New Testament

The Prodigal Son

The Resurrection of Christ: A Historical Fact

The Rights Of Criticism

The Risen Jesus